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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UFO Shocker: The Truth (And That Missing Golf Cart) Is Out There

Confidential Twitter Operative "Melvin" shared this terrifying photo of yet another unidentified flying object, which by our dead reckoning appears to be hovering menacingly right above our primary source of plastic receptacles. THIS AGGRESSION TO OUR SENSIBLE DANISH SHELVING MUST NOT STAND.

Since it was spotted over a part of Reston that falls beyond the purview of the DRB, we can safely conclude this UFO is most likely not a rogue element of the RA's fearsome drone army. But county police scrambled their helicopter yesterday in a search for a missing golf cart in the neighborhoods around the Reston National Golf Course, only to come up empty handed.

Could this affront be enough to risk unveiling the most secret surveillance device available to man (or HOA) to make sure that someone isn't using the still-missing cart to do donuts in the Best Buy parking lot until its batteries run out? Signs point to.... maybe!


  1. Earthmen, we have assimilated your golf cart.

  2. I saw this yesterday and was wondering what it was. Maybe it will take away that huge building of plastic junk and drop B & N back down there - where it belongs!!
    Wishful thinking!

    Linda in VA


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