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Monday, August 3, 2015

Lobsterpocalypse Now: Reston Slogan Appropriated By Entire State

Our Favorite Correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, writes in from the road with some shocking news:

Is nothing sacred? Have the lobsterheads no shame? The sense of outrage was palpable when Restonian's roving national correspondent recently took to the open road, headed Down East, and spotted plagiarism that will live in infamy. 
After a Lobsterpocalypse of fine dining in Maine, the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston was scurrying back to his familiar earth-toned environs when perchance he pulled into the I-95 rest stop at Kennebunk. There he happened to espy a mantra that looked oddly familiar...and suddenly realized that the State of Maine is guilty of flagrant intellectual property rights piracy.

The shifty lobsterheads even attempted to camouflage their heinous crime by adding two commas and an exclamation point, the latter influenced no doubt by how the scion of nearby Kennebunkport's most famous First Family is now no longer plain old "Jeb" but rather "Jeb!"

Live, Work, Play! indeed. This outage shall not stand unchallenged. Two can play this game. In tit-for-tat power politics that will teach the Lobsterheads exactly who they're messing around with, a petition is afoot (or aclaw) demanding the RA begin negotiations with one of America's finest dining establishments to open a Red Lobster franchise in the space formerly occupied by the dearly departed Macaroni Grill. Who needs something called a "lobster pound" (sounds like a shelter for homeless crustaceans) when with any luck we'll have the real thing right here?
Will Maine take the next logical step and demand that its residents follow detailed rules about the use and coloration of mulch and stone? Given the state's current governor, we're thinking no.


  1. Lobsters?

    What about King Crabs?

  2. Has anyone dined at Red Lobster now that the restaurant chain revised its menu to actually feature more LOBSTER and other things closely resembling seafood (as opposed to pork chops and pasta, no kidding)?

  3. What would you expect from a place that the Bush's called home?


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