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Friday, March 20, 2015

Caddyshackpocalypse Soon: Spring Brings With It The Probability of Endless Appeals (Updated)

C-iv.jpgAh, the first day spring. Along with green snow, it brings the promise of more time out on the links a property of indeterminate zoning status, along with the scheduled April 15 announcement by the Board of Zoning Appeals as to whether Reston National Golf Course should be considered open space or, due to a plot point lifted straight from Scooby Doo, be ripe for awesome bollardy Metro-fueled redevelopment.

Earlier this week, our BFFs at Rescue Reston gave supporters a sense of what to expect in the months to come:

We will win a major victory in the battle if the BZA rules in favor of our County Zoning Administrator. Ideally, Northwestern Mutual, RN Golf Management and their attorneys will accept “3 strikes and you’re out.” The April 15 BZA meeting will start at 9 am and can be viewed live on the TV Channel 16.
The losing side has 30 days after the decision to petition for appeal to the Circuit Court. This would not be a jury trial, although there may be oral arguments before the judge by the attorneys. The Circuit Court judge usually takes 6-8 months to release his or her ruling. Whichever side loses at the Circuit Court level may appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court, which may choose to either hear the appeal or not (meaning the Circuit Court ruling would stand). It may be a year or more until we have a final resolution.
This means additional months of litigation and legal fees.
Sounds like a safe bet. And there's this:
Whichever side wins, we fully expect the process to continue through appeals.
While we wait, the Rescue Reston folks are planning a mass photo op on Sunday morning. Details here.

Update: The results of the photo shoot are below.

ResResNO Web sized
Press release goodness here.


  1. Spring: When a young man's fancy turns to litigation.

  2. My fancy turns to diverting the $$$ I usually contribute to Democratic candidates to Rescue Reston. If Supervisor for Life Hudgins would express adamant opposition to despoiling Reston open space, this'd be a non-issue. But, sigh, all we hear are weasel words.


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