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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life in Reston, Unless You Live By the Golf Course, Or Like The Idea of Open Space Or Unclogged Roads

Screen Shot 2014 12 16 at 11 07 53 AM
Ever since our earth-toned community got an unwelcome early Christmas present from the bank examiner Northwestern Mutual, our BFFs at Rescue Reston have been gearing up to fight the abrupt resurfacing of the insurance giant's attempt to challenge the zoning of Reston National Golf Course as open recreational space. Now it's getting into the spirt of the season to boot!

A secret developer, cloaked by an attorney, is attempting to turn our planned community into It's a Wonderful Life's "Pottersville." On January 21 the attorney for Northwestern Mutual will ask the BZA to overturn our County Zoning Administrator's determination that the 166 acres of Reston National Golf Course is zoned as permanent recreational open space.
Rescue Reston is planning a rally on January 10 and is urging people to write letters to the Board of Zoning Appeals and attend the January 21 BZA public hearing on the matter. In the meantime, please to be enjoying this lovely flyer and try to forget that one of the original options for naming Reston, while not quite Pottersville, was Simon City.

Screen Shot 2014 12 16 at 11 07 59 AM
No truth to the rumor that the original script for It's a Wonderful Life ended with the line "Teacher says every time a bell rings, a developer gets a floor-area-ratio density bonus."


  1. If this is It's a Wonderful Life, then who is well-meaning but dimwitted Uncle Billy? The Board of Supervisors? The DRB?

  2. Merry Christmas, you wonderful old deteriorating lakeside plaza!

  3. I think that they got it backwards in the photos. The first photo is the NW Mutual asking the BoD to pull its finger. The second one is the relief experienced by NWM when the BoS can no longer resist and finally "pulls the finger".

    And where's Reston? Somewhere between the Rope and the Sign.

  4. When will the proposed Thoreau Place redevelopment begin? We need more information on the developer who wants to buy out the owners. What kind of condominium will it be, will it be for anyone or still for seniors? What price range will the units sell or rent for?

  5. There is NO DEVELOPER wanting to buy out owners at Thoreau Place. We just finally have a board willing to tackle all the long neglected problems here. residents over 55 seem to have their knickers in a twist (nothing else to do, I guess) and huddling in secret meetings in fear of who knows what? If they are worried, maybe they should consider what could happen if the work is not done: danger of unrepaired walls, doors, and cement falling in or maybe even being condemned by the county.

  6. Secret meetings? Cement falling? Being condemned by the county? (or maybe by Donald Trump? Why not, he condemns everyone else!)

    Paranoia, anyone?

    BTW, did you know the Illuminati are coming from Area 51 in black helicopters to meet with the Trilateral Commission?

    Residents at Thoreau have lots of cool things to do. Never a dull moment! There's bingo every Friday night, the gossip group every afternoon in the common area, and tonight (Saturday) there's a lecture from an engineer in the party room! A thrill every minute for sure!

    Sigh...Saturday nights sure aren't what they used to be for us all a half-century ago! Growing older can be a real bear sometimes. The Woodstock generation isn't meant to just veg out in an old folks home. We love life, not boredom and ennui. We miss you, Janis and Jimi and so many others!


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