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Friday, December 12, 2014

RTC Triffid Sculpture Has Friendly-Sounding Name

Triffids Rising
It's been nearly six months since the bloodthirsty Triffids primrose yellow public art project rose from the ground in front of the Hyatt at Reston Town Center, terrifying delighting us all. And now we know it has a name -- "Reston Rondo." How deceptively friendly, as though to lure human-sized morsels within striking distance whimsical!

On Monday, the public art project will devour us all be formally dedicated. Since we are but jaded "web loggers," incapable of appreciating art except by making childish comparisons to obscure cult horror movies and other pop-culture detritus, we'll share the official description and this fancy video from IPAR's website.

Reston Rondo aspires to be welcoming to people approaching Reston Town Center. The sculpture is gestural, its graceful movement inviting the viewer to move around and though it. With clean organic forms suggesting lively energy, Reston Rondo is intended to be elegant with a feeling of lyricism and whimsy.

Not bad, actually. We've actually been pleasantly surprised by the piece, given the plentiful opportunities we've had to observe it while stuck in traffic on Reston Parkway. The dedication will be at 3pm Monday. Be sure to wear something unappetizing looking primrose yellow if you choose to go.


  1. Well, I don't know...corporate art of this type leaves me feeling sort of cold, y'know? And it's all sort of derivative. It's supposed to be in a park-like setting, right? But can you climb on it? No. Can you sit on it? Maybe. Can you do anything but just stand there and stare at it in all of its yellow metallic "welcoming" and "gesturing" glory? Hmmm.

    Can you spray paint it with anarchist graffiti symbols? Shhh... don't give anyone such an idea!

    I guess I belong to the great unwashed who thought that the required History of Modern Art course I had to take in college was pretentious and a complete waste of time? And I was far from being the only person who felt that way.

  2. Actually, I don't think it's bad at all. I like being welcomed as I spend what's left of my disposable income on the best America's midscale chains have to offer.

  3. Eh. It's all right. I prefer Tom Otterness though. His stuff is fun AND intended to be climbed all over.


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