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Friday, November 7, 2014

Reston: Leafy Planned Community Or Skinner Box For Our Collective Fears?

Reston's a nice place, right? Leafy. Earth-toned. Often quiet. Perhaps quiet enough to embed our society's collective nightmares, a la Inception? Probably not, but there's been plenty for us worriers to worry about of late.

This YouTube person posted a video of a simulation/videogame of what might happen if our very own strain of Ebola that wreaked havoc on a bunch of monkeys and created a primo vacancy for a (human) daycare center began to spread. It isn't... good.

Then there's this, found by a Confidential Restonian Operative right in nearby Herndon. "They're getting closer!" he said, perhaps a little too nervously.

Isis logo
Of course, it's just an innocent hookah bar whose name has fallen under some unfortunate branding associations of late. They're not alone. But still, it's not like people in Ashburn wake up wondering if a strain of a killer disease will be named after them -- except maybe for affluenza, the end.


  1. Nightmare fuel for a week. Thanks, Restonian!

  2. Lord Grantham of Downton AbbeyNovember 7, 2014 at 5:40 PM

    Carson, isn't Isis my dog?

  3. Lord Grantham, I've already told this to your butler, and now I'm telling your dog, "It depends on what the definition of is is, Isis."


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