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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Outrage of the Day: Check out Vienna's Fancy Pool Bathrooms, Then Head to the Barricades

IMG 2642
While we may (or may not) get a fancy new indoor rec center and/or expanded dog park with a legally mandated Cone of Silence at some point down the road, it's time to focus our righteous indignation elsewhere for now. Confidential Restonian Operative "Very Jealous Restonian Even If She Won't Admit It" shared this cellular telephone photograph of a swimming pool bathroom just down the W&OD expressway from Reston. Seriously, it could almost be a gas station restroom in "Great" Falls -- or so we commoners hear tell.


While across enemy lines in Vienna for a pool party at Hunter Mill Swim and Racquet Club - even their pools have fancier names than ours - I snapped the attached photos in the women's bathroom. Look at this bathroom! We poor Restonians must deal with moldy concrete facilities better suited to a long-forgotten summer camp in the woods while our rich neighbors luxuriate amid swanky tile, granite countertops, and fancy sconces. Makes one almost want to move out of our beloved mauve colored town. Almost, but not quite.
Hmph. We bet their fancy landlines work too.

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  1. Haymitch AbernathyJune 13, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    That's because we live out in the Districts, and they live in the Capitol City.

    And that bit about the odds being in your favor, well, that's just a bunch of bull.


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