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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Here We Go Again: Fancy 'Land Lines' Sink First Reston Pool Day of the Summer

oldtimey.jpgRemember when you had a phone bolted to the wall by the telephone company, or maybe a fancy featherweight 45-pound "princess" phone in a stylish pastel hue that complemented your shag carpet if you were "living large," as the kids today no longer say, and heaven forfend you do anything to it because then the folks at Verizon Bell Atlantic C&P Telelphone Ma Bell would put you through a ringer (get it?) and you might never get to have a telephone again?

Well, the past is prologue at Reston's pools, where earlier this week we saw the first pool shutdown of the summer because of a malfunctioning landline -- a fact communicated by the high-tech, early naught medium of Facebook:

New pool shenanigans.jpg

This happened quite a bit last summer as well.

This isn't the RA's fault -- health code regulations require a landline at each pool, under the assumption that they reliably work when mobile phones might not (i.e., bad weather, good weather, daytime, nighttime). Which is true, except for when they don't.

Fortunately, in a RESTONIAN WORLD EXCLUSIVE, we have obtained video footage of the elusive telephone "technician" whose job it is to keep the pool phones working:



  1. One would think that the RA, having a surplus of funds, would be able to pay its damn phone bills.

  2. I love me some Glen! I've got that on my out-dated ipod.

    1. I'm partial to the R.E.M. cover myself:

    2. That's a great cover version!

  3. If the Glen of those days was showing up to repair my phone lines, I'd be calling in an outage weekly! He was something else. I mean really, the song makes no sense, but because it's Glen, we love it. Ahhh....


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