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Friday, May 2, 2014

Phriday Photo Pfun Part 3: Pretentious Album Cover or Reston PR Photo?

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We've looked at the uncanny similarities between photos of Reston architecture and pretentious progressive rock album covers before. But this photo of the bourgeoise commercial real estate types milling around the still-closed Reston Station grounds captures the kind of angst, alienation, and existential dread that prog-rockers could only dream of. Watch them try and fail:

Images 1
Bollard-free posers.

Pink Floyd Ummagumma
Don't think their type will be welcome in Sbarros, much less a vowel-free apartment complex. Get some haircuts and jobs strapping bombs to dolphins in the lucrative federal contracting world, freaks!

Sure, there's warmth and connectedness there (not to mention an authentic urban fabric), but are they within walking distance of a Macaroni Grill? We think not.

Plus, how many so-called "rock and rollers" get to have a fancy lunch in a subterrenean parking garage? (Besides these guys, that is).

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Now that's edgy.


  1. Looks more like expressionist German cinema, ca. 1930, than a pretentious album cover to me. But vas do I know?



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