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Friday, July 27, 2012

Phriday Photo Pfun: Pretentious Album Cover or Reston Architecture?

It's been a while since we've revisited this trope brilliant comedic bit: Below are photos of upcoming Reston buildings and high-concept album covers. Can you tell the difference?

RTC Night.jpg

Paralelograms.jpgLake Anne sculpt.jpg


  1. I think the Lake Anne stair pictured should end in a gibbet.

  2. @scubadiver - that contrasts with all of the times I've made out with girlfriends there!

    1. I'll bet Eddie Jobson's Theme of Secrets would have been the perfect makeout music for that spot -- maybe even better than side 1 of Zeppelin IV.

    2. I think the Lake Anne stair pictured should end in giblet gravy...with Thanksgiving fast upon us.

  3. The second from the top photograph looks like an architectural rendering of the proposed Warner Brothers-designed Gotham Memorial Tribute Theater that will be built in Aurora, Colorado that will open in 2112 with great fanfare as cryogenically frozen members of the band Rush are thawed out in time to perform. The new theater will open just mere days before the new World Trade Center opens that same year. Yes, America knows how to get big things done ASAP.

    Regarding Eddie Jobson: Jack of all instruments; master of none.


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