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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Coming to RCA

Rca logoColin Mills has announced he is stepping down as president of the Reston Citizens Association, as the organization seeks candidates for five seats on its board of directors. Mills writes:

I’m proud of everything that RCA has accomplished under my leadership. We have raised RCA’s profile tremendously, and made ourselves part of the community conversation again. We have been a strong voice for Reston’s citizens on issues like the Master Plan, transportation, open space, parks and recreation, our library system, and many more. We have forged strong relationship with fellow community organizations like RA, ARCH, Rescue Reston, and others. We have renewed our focus on keeping the citizens informed (one of RCA’s original missions) by hosting and co-sponsoring community forums, producing analytical reports, and starting the new Reston 411 series of quick facts.

Our Reston 2020 Committee has become widely-known and well-respected as an analyst and watchdog on planning and development issues. Terry Maynard’s reports and white papers have become a go-to resource for those who want to understand the community in depth. Our Reston Accessibility Committee has continued to thrive in its mission of improving access to Reston’s facilities for people with disabilities. Their excellent work has earned commendation from Fairfax County, and it has made a real concrete difference at shopping centers, office parks, and buildings all around our community.

Our revived Citizen of the Year Award has grown into a much-loved annual event, and we have recognized some very deserving citizens, including the late Dave Edwards, Nick Brown, Cate Fulkerson, and Kathy Kaplan. We are also in the process of taking primary responsibility for our annual candidate forums, which we have long co-sponsored with John Lovaas and Reston Impact.
Also leaving the RCA board are Terry Maynard, who will continue his work with RCA's Reston2020 committee, and Richard "Dick" Rogers, who will continue his work on transportation issues.

More information and a candidate form can be found here. As it has right from the beginning, RCA has done a lot for Reston of late, and we hope we see the same, decidedly non-Soviet level of interest in serving on its board as we did in the most recent RA elections, the end.

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