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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cashing Out: Does Bank Closing Portend Next Phase of Reston Heights Development?

Central Fidelity Wachovia Wells Fargo will close its Sunrise Valley Drive branch in August, citing the upcoming "redevelopment at Reston International." Does that mean the awesome Reston Heights development, complete with wavy parking garage, is finally on its way?

County records aren't exactly clear. Originally approved by the county board of supervisors in 2008, changes to the plan last year scaled down the height of most of the six proposed buildings, with the exception of a 15-story addition to the existing International Center building, which appears in the rendering above to be taller but None More Black than the original monolith. Recent activity includes changes to proposed plans to allow a drive-in bank and 65,000 square feet of retail space, including "retail sales, eating establishment, fast food restaurant and quick service food stores." (We love Eating Establishment almost as much as the Macaroni Grill, BTW.)

But we digress. While the development's hearing status with county officials remains deferred indefinitely, there have apparently been moves to prepare to advertise a public hearing.

According to JBG's website for the development, the initial phase of construction will focus on "nearly 400 new apartments" and the aforementioned retail space, which will add "even more dining and shopping options to the fabric of Reston." (We assume they meant the earth-toned fabric of Reston, but who's quibbling?) Completion of this phase is estimated for 2017, to be followed by additional residential, retail and office space.

In the meantime, Wells Fargo is opening a new branch in North Point shopping center in June, so your immediate satisfaction with these ch-ch-ch-changes depends on which side of the Toll Road you live on, the end.


  1. I hope Reston Kabob and 7-11 aren't closing, too.

    Although I wouldn't shed a tear if Popeye's closed.

  2. There's a rumor that 7-11 is closing so sadly, I'm sure Reston Kabob will be closing too :( That place could be so much more....


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