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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We're #665! Near-North Reston Neighborhood One of Nation's Wealthiest

Map of richies

While this filthy "web log" isn't exactly pulling in the big bucks, advertising-wise (does no one need to figure out who their baby's daddy is anymore?), we're basking in the reflected glow of our near-North Reston neighbors.

You see, our BFFs at Reston2020 pointed out that the neighborhoods bounded by Baron Cameron, Wiehle, and Rt. 7 are among the wealthiest in the nation. More specifically, "Brandermill-Hunters End ranks #665 among the top 1,000 wealthiest neighborhoods in the country and #15 among the 28 qualifying wealthiest neighborhoods in the Washington, DC's Virginia suburbs according to the 2010 Higley 1000," which apparently is A Thing, as the kids no longer say.

Most of these neighborhoods are just beyond the pale of Reston proper, although the shaded area does include one neighborhood with required color schemes that also happens to be plagued by the scourge of nearby commonersincessant barking from the adjoining doggy park. There goes the Census block!

Our BFFs at Reston2020 make the argument that this pocket of wealth speaks to the enduring value of Reston's principles, which dictated that the well-off and less-so would live side by side, in grand lakefront houses backing to particleboard shantytowns townhouses and condos. Yes, but it also speaks to what we're seeing as the continuing deviation of Reston's newer development from the Ford Focus future we've been warned to expect, as that sweet sweet gubmint money goes away from strapping bombs to dolphins fortifying the region's economy. But we -- and perhaps, our dogs -- will still be able to see how the other half 1 percent live, the end.


  1. If that neighborhood is #665, then Shadowood is #666.

  2. If they were such rich and affluent/influential cats living there the Baron Cameron Dogie park would have been bulldozed and turned into a private tennis club decades ago.

  3. If you can't afford doggy day care at one our fine local pet resorts how can you claim to be a responsible dog owner?

  4. You are so funny! Thanks for a fine morning laugh. Yes, I live in a particleboard shantytown but it's still Home Sweet Home :-)

  5. Not jealous at all -- we have a older townhouse in the southern "Poors" zone and once we went house-hunting in this zone. Over twice the price and we probably had more yard. Thanks for paying twice+ my property taxes! You can keep it....

    1. No worries, those taxes are chump change to people like us. Stay on your side of the toll road along with all the rest of the riff raff.

  6. Oops -- was logged in under wife's (Sonia) account. Just a clarification.

  7. Bowling for BollardsMarch 26, 2014 at 12:33 PM

    Once upon a time a local resident intercepted an email from a member of the Design Review Board to a colleague remarking how down at the mouth a certain cluster of South Lakes-area townhomes were . To the resident's surprise, the offending neighborhood being spoken of was his own! Naturally, folks living there were a bit steamed about this email, and the DRB quickly apologized for this mistake in manners. Funny thing is, this neighborhood was in the process of revising its covenants to allow for modern window treatments and other improvements, among other things, presumably so it wouldn't appear to be so down in the mouth offensive to future DRB participants. That's Reston for you. I wonder whether the Brandermill-Hunters End homes are ever spoken of this in this manner by the powers that be?
    If you're only #665, better watch out, you may be on your way to being a slum!


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