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Monday, February 3, 2014

Flashback Monday: Lakeside Inn, We Hardly Knew Ye

While we were conducting our extensive daily Internets searches (i.e., googling "Reston sideboob"), the YouTube Machines spit out this touching retrospective video featuring the Lakeside Inn, the South Lakes Village Center institution which closed last October. That they set the opening of the video to the music of a classy sitcom hearkening back to Reston's golden age is only the icing on the earth-toned cake.

Apparently something's amiss at South Lakes, as the Lakeside Inn is not going to be replaced by an awesome midscale chain, but rather a "family-owned restaurant" known as Red's Table. Family-owned? What does that even mean?


  1. These guys own a bunch of Five Guys in Florida. They should put another one in the Lakeside Inn space. Stick with the proven formula. =)

  2. Let's hope that it's a better value and better food than the monstrosity in the space across from it.

    If you want a 5 Guys, it should go in the Subway space. However, this is not likely to happen as both Reston and Herndon have closed down a 5 Guys stores in the last couple of years. Too bad. I like them better than Cafesano.

    1. The massive crowds at "the monstrosity in the space across from it" seems to have a different take, dear Convict. If we are contemplating a burger joint why not put something that at least tries/pretends to be healthy like an Elevation Burger?

      Oh, I know why, their color theme absolutely contradicts the DRB, so it will never happen.

    2. Elevation Burger, eh? Well that explains why you like Cafesano. French Fries were meant to be cooked in Peanut Oil, not Olive Oil.

    3. OK then. If veggie oil is the showstopper we can do better ;) How about something exotic, at least for the Mauve-colored stucco community, from "down-under"?

      The Q-Shack!


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