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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On the YouTubes: We Watch (a Bunch of ) the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

We confess we've been a bit remiss in watching the RA's monthly Reston Today video news segments; guess we've been preoccupied with other things on the YouTubes. Anyhoo, we pick up right where we left off, with some exciting B-roll footage of traffic whizzing by the soon someday to be open Wiehle Avenue Metro station. "We're excited the Metro is nearly here," dulcet-toned Andy Sigle tells us, "but that takes planning." That introduces us to a segment on the Master Plan Task Force With an Unpronounceable Acronym (¶). "So where are we now?" Sigle asks. Good question. Sigle reiterates the RA's points about the master plan -- that Reston encompasses ALL THE LAND that will be developed (stop giving us the side-eye, "Great" Falls), that new development meet environmental standards, that open spaces are provided, that folks can walk, bike, or drive across the community, and that infrastructure be built at the same time as development and be "paid for by those who profit from it." Can't disagree with any that.

Well then! Back to October, where Sigle talks about the nifty turf fields at South Lakes High School while Ken Knueven makes the case for investing in maintaining Reston's aging facilities:

Then it's back to September, where we get to see the RA's sweeeeeeet new Dual Basket Spider Crawler Lifter Thingy:

According to the video, this 8,700-pound contraption has working height of 78 feet, all the better to chop stuff down and, we dunno, get a birds-eye view of all those discarded leaves and whatnot. Check it, as the kids almost certainly no longer say:

Tree thingy.jpg



  1. I must get the "Reston Today" soundtrack put on my ipod thingy.

  2. Your Annual Dues hard at work.