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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Another Roll of Quarters, Please: Reston Man Racks Up $200,000 in Toll Road Fees

In a story that's already gotten picked up by newspapers across the pond, a Reston man managed to rack up $200,000 in unpaid Toll Road charges -- or, in a couple of years, the equivalent of a half-dozen round trips to Tysons. Hey, give us some good blockquote, Action McNews:

Jason Bourcier doesn't deny that he rode the Dulles Toll Road nightly without paying for his commute from Reston to Washington three-and-a-half years ago when he was looking for work.

A friend told him that when the toll booths were unmanned after 11:30 p.m., you could use the road without paying. His friend was wrong.

This week, VDOT took Bourcier to court because his bill had ballooned from $440 to more than $200,000, including late fees and interest. They reached a settlement and agreed on a payment plan.

“They provided me with a stack of summonses that was 12 inches high, and me and my lawyers, the best that we could do was $40,000,” he said. “Another kicker is they put me on a payment plan for $150 a month.”

At that rate and with interest due – another $55,000 – Bourcier, who is 33 and now has a good job, figures he will be 87 years old by the time he pays VDOT back.
Given that we'll all be tossing quarters into the bins to pay for the Silver Line well into our golden years, he won't be alone.


  1. A couple more big fines like this and the Silver Line is paid off!

    1. When $440 balloons to $200,000, I think that just might be the plan.

  2. Richmond, we have a problem.

    Viva la revolucion! Occupy DTC! Take what rightfully belongs to the people!

  3. Why didn't he just take 7?

  4. Why didn't he just take the Access highway?

  5. He used the tolls and didn't pay. He ignored the bills for the unpaid tolls. I am finding it really hard to feel bad for him.

  6. Hmmm... aren't those the predatory practices Hudgins so much advocates against? Where is she to help this poor soul?


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