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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anarchy in the R.A. (If You Get the Reference, Welcome to Your 40s)

When Confidential Restonian Operative "Biker Sherlock" sent us this cellular telephone photo of one of our glorious collective trash cans, our eyes went first to the fun no smoking sign and the hastily changed arbitrary distance mandated between cigarettes and various other objects. But look more closely at the neighborhood watch sign:

FTP Reston.JPG
Sherlock writes:
Much like you, I thought we were comfortably biding our time in our crunchy granola community of retired librarians and ex hall monitors with the occasional course correction by the almighty RA. Nothing seems further from the truth as I came across shocking evidence of anarchy alive and well in Reston! Witness the attached images which were found on the trails just off of Purple Beech. 

Clearly the kids are taking a page from NWA's cult mantra "F&#% Da Police".  There is hope yet!

(Note the mention of "trust, respect and communication are essential to a healthy community" - sending anonymous letters about our neighbor's red mulch qualifies for this right?)
The website on the sticker does point to a known anarchist collective, and now that we've followed the link on our Atari 800, because "journalism" linkalism, we're fairly sure that we're on some kind of list.

Update: "Johnny Rotten Wood Siding" nails it.


  1. They may be on to something about distrusting the police. I was at Herndon Middle School last week. There are probably 10 parking spaces in the front lot, only one space posted as a "cop free zone". The sign read

    Well, guess where the only cop car on the entire campus was parked! And, on top of all of that, it was a county cop parked within the Town of Herndon boundaries.

    When cops can park with impunity, yet have the audacity to ticket me for being just a little out of my spot at the Herndon Monroe Park & Ride, let's just say it doesn't foster a trusting relationship with me any my posse.

    1. What, Reston has posses? Maybe we are just one step away from anarchy.

    2. and so it begins.......


  2. I can only laugh at the RA minions who post such ridiculous and (in every practical sense) unenforceable regulations.

  3. "THEY" are watching, watching, watching...

  4. Johnny Rotten Wood SidingSeptember 3, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    Anarchy for the RA
    It's coming sometime and maybe
    I'll paint my house the wrong shade of lime.
    Your future dream is a tranist-oriented scheme
    Cause I wanna be anarchy
    It's in the planned real estate development

  5. New TV series to be shot in Reston: "The Great-Nephews of Anarchy".

    1. Can I prospect for the "Transit Oriented Trash" chapter?

  6. Alright, let the Reston anarchist underground begin! Bright orange and green houses...white stones in our front yards! We will not be deterred!

    There has to be a good anarchist name though.


  7. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonSeptember 4, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    All this talk of anarchy running wild in the streets overlooks the REAL problem Reston is facing. A close examination of the RA sign posted on the trash can reveals that smoking is prohibited "in the facility". Who knew that midgets were climbing into the trash can to take a furtive puff or two of Joe Camel, safe from the all-seeing eye of Big Brother?

  8. Had a similar thought about who was smoking in Reston's trash cans...But then I have always been bothered by the signs around some of the pools that read "No Trespassing After Dark." Othertimes OK?


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