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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cicadapocalypse Later? Reston May Miss the 2013 Brood of Our Favorite Red-Eyed Critters

critter.jpegDisappointing news for lovers of Biblical plagues and red-eyed critters that aren't part of the late-night crowd at Jackson's: It looks like the onslaught of hell-born demonspawn cicadas may wind up missing Reston this time around.

Bug Out 1.jpg

This not-at-all-creepy map of cicada sightings from a website called Magicicada (SRSLY) shows that Reston is in some sort of protective, cicada-free envelope, even as our counterparts in Fairfax County's other planned community, Burke, have been besieged. (So have Manassas, Woodbridge and Dale City, but really -- who could tell the difference?)

But we digress. Our BFFs at the Capital Weather Gang have more "bad" news for bug-lovers as well:
If you have not yet seen cicadas where you live, there is a good chance that Brood II has missed your area.
Their own, thankfully bug-free, map also shows Reston well outside of the Danger Zone:

BugOut 2.jpg

Our favorite correspondent, the Peasant from Less Sought After South Reston, has his own theory:
Guess Brood II used its 17 years underground wisely and read the entire DRB handbook, in the process realizing that red eyes and orange wing veins are definitely not considered earth-toned.
No worries, though. Those of us who were in Reston in 2004 remember that we got plenty of cicadas that year, meaning that in 2021, we'll have the red-eyed bug market covered -- assuming there's any ground left unturned in Reston between now and then, the end.


  1. AHH...crunchy protein!
    Heinz 57 optional.

  2. I figured we must be outside the "zone" for Brood II, because I don't remember any cicadas from 1996 at all. If you were around for Brood X in 1987 or 2004, it's not an experience that it likely to slip from your memory.

  3. Damnation. And I just fueled up the flamethrower.

    I never get to have any fun.

  4. Check it bro-bro. There's a sighting in Lake Fairfax Park from the 22nd.


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