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Friday, April 19, 2013

Lake Anne Redevelopment Negotiations Starting Soon, Says Well-Placed Source, 99

The long-stalled redevelopment of Lake Anne appears to be moving forward, according a well-placed nonagenarian source Bob Simon. As part of the coverage of his recent birthday, he told Bisnow:

Having looked at the proposals submitted, he likes one based on its architecture and inclusion of the village concept. Negotiations are set to begin in the next few weeks.
Wonder if it's the 1,330-unit proposal that CityCenter DC developer Hines floated for the county-owned Crescent Apartments property nearly a year ago, or if county officials have pushed harder on a consolidated proposal that includes other parcels around the existing village center.

It's also been rumored that one proposal includes an amphitheater, but according to the well-placed nonagenarian source Simon, another 500-seat theater proposal may be in the works. Give us some good map action and blockquote, Bisnow:

Simon says.jpg
Bob points to an empty space next to Reston Town Center where he'd like to see the theater, a long-time dream that's finally looking real; architectural studies are under way.
If things are moving forward, these developments are good news, both for the long-struggling Lake Anne area and for Reston as a whole. As for Mr. Simon, a Confidential Restonian Operative forwarded us this photo of Metal Bob, as decorated by adorable area children after last weekend's Founders Day festivities:


At least let's hope that card was written by adorable area children, or else we have a totally different problem with our schools, the end.

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  1. A 500-seat theater all but guarantees a sequel to Reston: The Opera.


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