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Friday, January 11, 2013

RA to Deliver 'Community Survey' To Selected Households Via Uniformed Federal Agents

Wow, the Reston Association is just going nuts with their fancy DV cameras and, whazzitcalled, iMovie! This second video in as many days reminds us that the RA Board is surveying random households to see "what we will need as Reston grows and develops."

Starting next week, uniformed federal agents will deliver the surveys to 3,000 households selected at random; results will help the RA Board determine budget priorities and… stuff. It's the first time the RA has done such a wide-scale survey, which is a good thing; hopefully they'll take the results seriously… whatever they may be.

Fuscia forever.jpeg


  1. Just as we thought, the RA is truly clueless.

  2. There might be Uniformed Federal Agents coming my way? Well, thank goodness for the Second Amendment.

  3. "what we will need as Reston grows and develops."

    Um, that would be cash in my case. Lots of cash. Unmarked bills are fine, as are trillion dollar coins.


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