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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BREAKING: Pedicab Sighting at Lake Anne, Hipsters Presumably Only Moments Behind

FINALLY, a bit of Reston-related news worthy of the Flashing Drudge Sireeen: An intrepid fellow "web logger" spotted this strange conveyance at Lake Anne Village Center:

And there's more!
Big FUN has arrived in Lake Anne Village! Folks driving along North Shore Drive or hanging around Lake Anne Plaza Saturday caught the first glimpse. A dozen or so lucky people enjoyed a complimentary ride, giggling from the moment they hop on board. What is it? A Pedicab! Pedicabs are a Green means of transportation (foot power!) that are rapidly appearing in urban areas. This is first to arrive in Reston, and is serving the Lake Anne Village Area. Keep an eye out for it! Plan on taking a FUN ride.
URBAN CRED. ESTABLISHED. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Reston Town Center. All your fun flash mobs and garbage fires and hipster-friendly stock photography can't hold a candle to this, the epitome of twee modern urban living. For one, we can't wait to hire said conveyance to take us from the statue of Metal Bob to the grosery and back. ROUND TRIP. YOLO.

Actually, we have to admit this is a pretty cool idea, especially as the weather gets nicer.


  1. Not practical on the hills surrounding Lake Anne. Too bad. Dwayne Phillips (don't know why I am listed as "Unknown"

  2. That's look incredibly similar to the Pedicab that was stolen in DC over the weekend. Coincidence?

  3. Lake Anne is a pretty confined space to try to ride once the weather gets better and more people are there and I'm pretty sure it's a "no biking" zone within the plaza...

    ...but wouldn't it be cool to have these at Reston Town Center?

  4. Doesn't make sense for Lake Anne. Would make perfect sense to shuttle people from Clyde's to the Macaroni Grill, though.

    1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJanuary 31, 2013 at 9:49 AM

      ...or from the Macaroni Grill to the cardiac unit at Reston Hospital Center.

    2. ...or from RTC/AWOD to the RTC Metro Station.

  5. Fuck RTC, Lake Anne fo realz!!!

  6. YES! Thank you Restonian - This definitely deserved the Drudge Siren.
    Dwayne, I am conquering those pesky hills.
    Convict, gotta be a coincidence about that cab in dc, right? and we gotta wait for the metro to open before I can pedal you there.
    Peasant, looks like Lake Anne beat out less-sought-after-south-Reston, again, but one day.....
    Anonymous, fo realz, sounds like the hipsters are arriving
    Come on, everybody - reserve a ride...


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