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Monday, November 1, 2010

On the YouTubes: BRAINS! (and cupcakes and salad and frozen yogurt and iPod Nanos)

According to this fancy "You Tubes" video, something far more terrifying than a horde of zombies descended on Reston Town Center yesterday. Yes, it was another flash mob, which in faux urban areas have proven much more difficult to get rid of than your run-of-the-mill undead suburbanite. If only the bystander that zipped by at about 0:11 had been on a fixed gear bike, the hipster tableau would have been complete.

Know fear.


  1. Having be one of the 'undead', I can tell you that the patrons of Jacksons came outside to watch and enjoy. It was fun to give them a 'THRILLER' !

  2. I am so tired of people dissing the art scene in Reston. Very few places in the world where you can watch people dance to Thriller in front of The National Jean Company as SUVs drive by.

    If we're lucky, this outstanding dance troop will give us an encore by moonwalking to "Billie Jean" in the Dulles Town Center food court.


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