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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reston Station Developers Win Coveted Award From… Other Developers

Reston Station 1.jpg
Fancypants Reston Station, viewed in the photo above from the aerie of one of its many construction cranes, has won a fancy award from NAIOP, which, as everyone knows, is the acronym for the "Commercial Real Estate Development Association." We're not sure if they call the coveted award the NAIOPIE, or maybe just NOPE for short, but specifically everyone's favorite Sleestak transfer station underground parking garage won the Best Master Plan: Award of Excellence in the Best of NAIOP Northern Virginia Awards on Nov. 14. So yay Reston! Suck on that, Tysons, with your own fancy mixed-use development! Let's enjoy a few photos from the awards brochure.

Reston Station 2.jpg
As we've pointed out before, we're totally moving Restonian World Headquarters to the building with the helipad, as ready access to a helicopter will shave at least 30 seconds off our runs to the Soapstone 7-11.

Reston Station 4.jpg
Here's a rendering that we don't remember seeing before. Somehow, the parallelogram looks a little less intense and a little less like something from an earth-toned remake of Tron in simulated daylight. It almost looks classy, even. Plus lots of CGI trees, which soften even the most frightening designs.

So congrats, Reston Station! BTW, there's no truth to the rumor that the statuette Reston Station brought home looks like this:

Screen shot 2010-05-11 at 10.06.29 AM.jpg
Don't look for it on level G17 of the garage, where you'll arrive at 7:01 am to find the last parking space taken, the end.

(Thanks to Confidential Restonian Operative "Alexis" for the find.)


  1. Another "upside-down building." In my dream the architect and chief engineer of the Dulles Center for Innovative Technology are at the grand opening. They take one last look at the blueprint. Suddenly they flip it over. "Oh crap!"

  2. With the exception of the upside down building, an architectural gimmick if there ever as one ( as are all the trees), the other building concepts in Reston Station are utterly pedestrian and hence, forgettable. I predict that most of them will likely not get built for lack of financing, potential tenants and competition from other "new" rail-oriented development elsewhere.

  3. Don't you just love these self-sucking lollipops!

  4. And the award for absurd awards: NAIOP's Best Real Estate Transaction - Lease


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