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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Somewhere Over the DRB-Violating Rainbow

Over the earth-toned rainbow.jpeg

Twitter Operative "SportySarahKM" shared this exciting photo of a double rainbow following yesterday afternoon's brief hailpocalypse thundershower. Along with a panolpy of colors that cause great offense to the DRB palette, this picture suggests that the fabled End of the Rainbow is somewhere in the neighborhood of On the Border, which sounds just about right if you substitute leprechauns and the pot of gold for dudes wearing khakis and $4.99 loaded "poppers," whatever those are, the end.


  1. Oh, if only it could've ended at Reston's Chick-fil-A...

    1. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonAugust 1, 2012 at 5:59 PM

      Speaking of which...The Peasant was driving his ox cart down Sunset Hills Road today at around 12:30 and saw an immense back-up of cars on Sunset Hills trying to get into the commercial area where Chick-fil-A is located. Couldn't figure out for the life of me what was going on until I remembered that today was the day for those supporting Chick-fil-A to show up en masse.

      The line of cars trying to get in was still just as long when I drove back 30 minutes later.

  2. Well, the rainbow had to end somewhere else now that So Addictive in Herndon is closed.

  3. In north Reston they get to experience beautiful summer after-storm rainbows.

    Down here in south Reston we DO get to experience drabe DRB-approved summer storm colors exploding across the sky...that is, the drab explosion of depressing colors caused by unfiltered ozone-depleted sun light struggling to stream through the mega tons of goose poop being dropped by the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant socialist Canadian geese as they assault D-Day-style Lake Thoreau every evening. Awesome sight to behold. It looks like something out of Blade Runner.

  4. Double Rainbows descending upon Chik-fil-A?


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