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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caddyshackpocalypse Now: The RA Grows a Pair of... Fanciful Concrete Bollards


To its credit, the Reston Association grew a pair took a stronger than anticipated position against the scourge of gophers potential redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course when it held a Very Special Meeting yesterday. According to our BFFs at Patch:
Reston Association's Board of Directors voted to adopt a policy that the group is completely opposed to that proposition.... The directors were considering sending out a letter offering residents information about the hearing - as well as encouraging them to attend RA's regular Sept. 13 meeting - but without taking a stance on the issue.

However, South Lakes Director Richard Chew - whose constituents live in the area around the golf course - convinced the board to make a formal policy.
Good on them. Let's hope that position actually translates into some meaningful opposition if when the rubber hits the road. Fighting to preserve open space is certainly a better use of our assessment money than a bunch of no-smoking signs.

Speaking at the meeting, Reston attorney (and one-time board candidate) John Farrell warned the RA Board to be prepared for a fight.
"This application is looking to do 'by right' development. They want to be able to redevelop the golf course into something with close to 7,000 people. They are arguing they don't have to go through the process. That needs to be reiterated to our citizens."
And now, another trip to the YouTube vault for a cheap laugh a few related words of wisdom:

Update: Here's the letter the RA has sent to property owners near the golf course. "We want to assure you that the RA Board plans on being an active participant in this process," the letter states. The RA has also created a spot on its website for information on the golf course.


  1. Thank you Richard Chew for showing leadership, something obviously lacking at the county supervisor level.

  2. Terraset Sleeper CellAugust 23, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    I've lived in Reston nearly my entire life and have no idea what our governance is. In fact, I was under the impression that we were some sort of anarcho-syndicalist commune.

    Can someone tell me where I can read more? It's not on Wikipedia, which makes me think that the information doesn't exist.

  3. As I peer into the looking glass I see a glimpse of Reston's future and sadly it looks like Pottersville. The developers have deep pockets and ultimately will outwit, outlast, and outplay RA and Fairfax County. At the risk of sounding like a socialist, (I am a capitalist and among the 5%) the 1% makes the rules, has already bought and paid for the politicians, and owns the court system. It may take a lot of time and money, but in the end the developers will win and the residents will lose. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courge to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. God bless.... What a friggin total mess this Metro thing is.

  4. The last time RA took a golf course to court, they left with their collective butts dragging the floor. Anyone think this wouldn't be a replay?

  5. Terraset Sleeper Cell

    The Reston Association publishes small handbooks of the by-laws and governing documents. I think you can pick up copies at RA headquarters on Sunrise Valley Drive. That's where my copies came from.

    You can get an overview from the RA website,

    First is the Deed of Dedication of Reston which set out the planned community (aka the Reston Deed). The Articles of Incorporation created the homeowners association, now named, Reston Association. And there are the by-laws.

    Actually, Sleeper Cell, we are a kind of commune. Reston Association is us--all the homeowners. We elect the Board of Directors to manage the association. Collectively we own the common areas, the tot lots, the tennis courts, the trails, the lakes, the woods. We even own the Lake Anne dam, God forbid it should fail. All those things I just listed are our private property, collectively-owned private property, i.e., a commune.

    Unfortunately we don't generate income the way most communes do. Now if RA were to buy the golf courses...that would change.

  6. Anon 3:55 Generate income as do other communes? You mean replant the golf course with wacky weed?

  7. Not sure a golf course is a guaranteed moneymaker, especially without the country club cachet. Many towns and cities with municipal courses have lost money on them.

  8. Here's the dealio. The owners of the Golf Course stand to make HUGE money when they develop the golf course into whatever, townhouses, condo's, single families, shopping center, whatever. Notice I said, when and not if. The owners of the Golf Course will keep at it in the courts for years, all paid for by rounds of golf as they maneuver their way through the court system. They will also work to fund and elect county officials who support their cause. It take a lot more than balls to beat the developers, it takes money, and a lot of it. The politicians who oppose the developers openly will lose their seats to better funded, pro development politicians, and over time, Reston will look like Pottersville. For the homeowners on the golf course who property value will plumet hundreds of thousands of dollars the developers will say, "it's nothing personal, it's just business". Remember one thing, it's always personal, always... Now I think I saw a family of Red Tailed Hawks nesting on the course, perhaps the hawks and a few spotted owls might do the trick. I wonder what the teatards and fox news would say about this? Mhhmm, the price of progress and sorry for your financial loss, it's nothing personal and greed is good....

  9. Scubadiver:

    Wacky weed? Funny. It's been so long, I forgot about wacky weed. It is sustainable.

    Anon 5:52:

    Go to and donate some money. I just did.

  10. Anon 10:19. Your missive reminded me of a little prayer that we used to say out on the rifle range at Fort Knox:

    Gawd grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to Breathe, Relax, Aim and THEN Squeeze.

  11. I love it when all the lovers of private property suddenly find a need to interfere with the right of an actual private property owner.

    We citizens of Fairfax, together with the state and federal govts, the MWAA (and its toll road using customers), and the property owners of Tysons, are spending over 5 billion on the silver line. Makes sense to you know, leverage that investment. But this will interfere with some folks golf course views. RA dont like development, let them but the course. If they can't run it profitably, let them convert it to a park. Can you FORCE RN to run it as golf course?

  12. Greedy Bastards. I understand the need to make more money, free enterprise, and other blah. But it will personally affect me, because i like looking at it. When crap starts bothering me i fight for me and my unincorporated town. I'm going to fight it to the end.

  13. Greedy bastards are taking over. Whatever their rights are I love walking by the golf course, it makes my mood better, and greedy "bastardship" makes me angry. That is personal. If you are a runner and run by lake Fairfax trails, the new envelopment that boarders the park is simply outrageous. They leveled a forest of trees to build more low quality expensive houses. But hey, they had rights as a developer, right? Never mind that they messes with the stream system,etc. Same is going to happen in Reston if we let it happen.


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