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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bollards, Reactivate! Reston Spectrum, Wiehle Metro Projects Apparently Moving Forward

So how's your summer going? Just chillin' at the pool, getting some vacation time in, and stone cold reactivating some long-standing development plans?

We're seeing signs that two Reston developments long in the works are preparing to move forward once again. Both projects, which had been "indefinitely deferred" at the request of their developers, have now been "reactivated," according to this fancy county newsletter. No public hearing dates have apparently been set, but it's a sign things are moving along as the Metro inches ever closer to our beloved earth-toned community.

no grill.jpg
First up is the Macaroni Grill-destroying Reston Spectrum redevelopment, which includes more than 1,400 residential units, 255 hotel rooms, 172,000 square feet of office space, and more than 245,000 square feet of retail space spread across a number of buildings ranging from 120 to 180 feet tall. Who knows, maybe the Lerners feel emboldened by the Nationals' strong showing this season.

new sunset hills development.jpg
Closer to the Wiehle Avenue Metro Station is this mixed-use project on Sunset Hills, proopsed way back in ought-ten by RPB & M, LLC. They've added a new (to us) partner, the Bozzuto Development Company, and are proposing one mid-rise, multi-family residential building with a maximum of 421 dwelling units, one office building of up to 174,987 square feet, and up to 10,000 square feet of support retail uses (whatever those are).

So there's the new hawtness, same as the old hawtness. And so it's with a heavy heart that we revisit the Macaroni Grill Doomsday Clock:

new mg clock.jpeg
Once they hold a public hearing on the Spectrum redevelopment, we'll move the minute hand another step closer to midnight, the end.


  1. As long as the developers don't touch the McTacoHut (McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut) on the corner of Weihle and Sunset Hills I am okay with it!

  2. Looks like there is a new development project proposed for South Reston; though the WaPo is listing it as Vienna. 2222 Colts Neck Road, Vienna.

    Site plan for 210 multifamily units on 4.33 acres zoned PRC (Planned Residential Community), at 2222 Colts Neck Rd. (SP-0365-002-3)

    Wouldn't it be sooooo much better to tear down Winterthur and build something else there instead? Perhaps not for the developer but certainly for the neighborhood.

  3. As for the above comment, you do gotta love the fine copyediting going on these days at the Washington ComPost. The arrow icon indicating this project on its What's Going Where page points directly to the word Reston, yet they label it Vienna. Think this is the former church property across the street from Hunter Woods shopping center, which that church planned at least in part as affordable housing.

  4. I just pray that Mexico's reverse Fast and Furious opoeration in the U.S., you know, Mexico's top secret operation that sets up so-called Mexican restaurant chains in high income areas of the country that have a faux Mexican food loving population that is ironically opposed to any and all immigration reforms, isn't adversely effected by the proposed development plans. I'd hate to see Reston's On The Border shut down by the BATF in order to clear out space for a high rise.

  5. does anyone know how long the rental contracts run in the Sprectrum? I would think that Petco would not bother to open a shop in Reston if it is going to get kicked out in a few years. Redeveloping the space and moving in all the equipment probably requires several years to make back the initial investment cost. A company the size of Petco will have done its homework before opening a store.

    Also, my understanding is that Harris Teeters will stay, since they own their space outright. Well they share a wall with Staples. Does Teeters own the Staples space?

    Any idea about parking near Teeters? They may own the building, but I don't know whether they own the parking lot. So they could try to stay and then lerner could shut down the lot for development. Without parking, they could be forced out.

    Are these yearly rents or multi-year rental contracts?


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