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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tippecanoe and Tyler Too: The Obligatory Post

Perennial Reston candidate Rod Koozmin, most recently known for attempting to bring a canoe to a debate of candidates for the Reston Community Center Board, has allegedly gotten himself in a spot of trouble involving emails and... well, we don't have the heart to go further. Clicky clicky above for all the details from our BFFs at Patch.

Email hacking? An Andy Kaufmanesque bit of windmill tilting that got out of hand? An issue best addressed somewhere a bit more nurturing than the Internets? Maybe, except that Koozmin has run for public office at least twice and has said he intends to do so again. Koozmin commented on the Patch site no fewer than six times yesterday without addressing the allegations, though the comments have since been deleted. He did, however, say that he intends to run again for the RA Board.

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