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Friday, November 11, 2011

Money For Phase 2 of Silver Line 'Found,' Maybe Under Sofa Cushions

money hole.jpgU.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced late Thursday night that there's now a a final financial deal in place that will allow Phase 2 of the Metro Cherry Blossom Pink Silver Line to extend to Dulles Airport and the particleboard Valhalla beyond it.

“I’m really pleased we were able to keep the project under $3 billion and that we were able to put some additional federal dollars into the project,” LaHood said. “Virginia realized this project is important to Northern Virginia and most important to the region.”
As part of the deal, Fairfax and Loudoun counties will get federal loan assistance for their stake in the project, as will the airports authority. Virginia will also pony up $150 million. The airport station will indeed be built above ground, and private-public partnerships will fund parking garages, various associated parallelograms, and the Rt. 28 station.
“I’m on cloud nine,” LaHood said.
Less happy will be Toll Road commuters, who according to our BFFs at Reston2020 will still get stuck with "more than half of the total Silver Line cost and three-quarters of any cost increases." We're going to have to buy some new couches to dig around for change in!

Joking aside, the only thing that's been more frightening than the escalating costs and fiscal brinksmanship enveloping the Silver Line project is the prospect that the second phase might not be built, planting the terminus of the Silver Line smack dab in the middle of Reston, leading to commuter gridlock, congestion, dogs and cats living together, etc. So, um, count us on cloud five, maybe six.


  1. "... Under $3 billion ...." He makes it sound like mere pocket change. As for the raise in tolls to support this behemoth project, if the intent is to force people to use the Line once it is complete, it will not work. Many people must drive because they are not near enough to public transport. Ginormous tolls will eventually cause a ruckus. Disclaimer - I take FCC and Metro to work so I support intelligent expansion of public transport.

  2. Last time I took Metro to DC on a weekday I had to park a mile from the station in a shopping center. How is the Silver Line to benefit those saddled with the tolls? Lack of parking will keep car commuters in their cars. Poor *&^tards burned with the tolls won't be able to use Metro 'cause they have nowhere to leave their cars. And Fairfax County discontinued our connector buses, thank you Ms. Hudgins.

    The only folks to benefit are those who don't have to use their cars to get to Metro.

    So instead of intelligent expansion, we're getting stupid contraction.


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