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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reston: The Magazine Goes Vaguely Pyschadelic

trippy picutre.jpg

This trippy photo illustration depicting a family nonchalantly hiking through an idyllic glen inconveniently positioned some 600 feet directly above the Toll Road isn't from a 1970s-era progressive-rock album cover, but the latest issue of Reston: The Magazine. In case you can't wait for uniformed federal agents to deliver it to your home, it's available right now on your computer machine. Dial it in and read along with us, why don't you?

RestonWintermag.jpgThere's lots of pictures of the hawtt construction at the Great Hole of Reston, plus some stuff about the Washington West Film Festival. There's a (seriously) interesting piece about architect William Conklin, which puts to rest a burning question long debated on this "web log": Is Lake Anne truly representative of brutalism? (Spoiler alert: Conklin calls the Heron House an example of that style, but terms the Plaza as a whole "cubistic" and completely original. Okay then!)

There's also a helpful guide to "party/shared elements," reminding us of one of our favorite videos. And lest Reston: The Magazine be accused of being afraid to take on the big issues, there's an article debating tree pruning vs. tree topping.

But as always, they had us at the word search:


We found the one word that matters, the end.


  1. I'll get you, my pretty! You and your non-cluster-approved trim color too!

  2. Besides being against the Reston Citizen's Association Ken Plum is one of a very small group of ultra radical Virginia legislatures to vote to let illegal immigrents to be eligable for tutition in Virginia!Right along with our own children who are being denied oppertunities in these tight ecconomic times. He is one of only six deligates to vote against stronger enforcement of our immigration laws.

  3. Toto, we're not in Herndon anymore!

  4. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

  5. huh weird take on the dulles air rights

  6. Follow the Dulles Toll Road!
    Follow the Dulles Toll Road!

  7. Don't make me use the flying monkeys to dispose of your unauthorized mulch!!

  8. That photo is pretty odd. (And so is your spelling of "psychedelic"!)


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