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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On The YouTubes: Strange Lights in the Sky, A Superhero in the Making, and Some Unalarming Hurricane Footage

As if earthquakes and hurricanes weren't enough, this fancy video of "a bizarre light pattern" in the night sky shot in Reston earlier in the month has surfaced on YouTube. Our favorite correspondent, The Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, is quick to note that none of the colors are DRB-approved, so we must conclude that the source is from a Real Estate Development Far, Far Away (or at least Herndon). He surmises:
Not sure what to make of it, unless is is A) ET's mother ship, or B) The Rapture, which was delayed because it took the Fairfax Connector to get here.
Turns out the person who shot the video came up with an explanation for the strange phenomenon:
The source of the light is most likely from the uplights on the One Dulles Corridor building on Parkridge Ave.
Which fits perfectly with our Not Of This DRB Theory. The truth is out there.

If your YouTubes tastes gravitate more towards nuanced character studies, please to be enjoying this "joint" called The Origin Story of SuperBob. Much as Woody Allen considered Manhattan his muse in his early work, we'd say these young filmmakers were equally moved by Lake Anne's brutalist splendor:

And finally, here's a duo of shocking videos of the power of Hurricane Irene as it passed Reston, because who isn't tired of reminiscing about that time it rained and got a little windy and the power went out in some places for a while, the end.


  1. Superbob = superawesome!

  2. That's awesome - you used my time lapse video! I really shot that because one of those trees on the right does lean quite a bit towards our place and I thought... if this thing is going to fall... I'd at least like to have it on video.

  3. Yayyyyy! I'm so glad our video made it onto Restonian!! Now I'm kicking myself for not interjecting "mauve" and "russet" in our description of the colors. We were really hoping that light to be some unique and awesome phenomenon. Instead, it was just that ugly, empty building. Maybe they would get some tenants if they added mauve to the uplight sequence. Or a Batman distress signal.

  4. Woo! My wind and rain "hurricane" video made it in. It was so frightening with all that... wind. ... and rain.


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