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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On The YouTubes: We Watch The Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

ZOMG WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP BREAKING NEWS ANDY SIGLE AND HIS DULCET TONES HAVE RETURNED! But fear not -- Melissa Knueven, who did a bang-up job in Sigle's lengthy absence from these fancy video news segments from the Reston Association, will apparently get a starring role in "a new program called Spotlight Reston," which sounds kind of like how Harry Morgan wound up starring in AfterMASH. But anyhoo! With the thank yous over, "now, let's see what's happening in Reston, today," Sigle intones, and we couldn't agree more. On with the show!

In this July edition of You Tubes Reston news, we learn how LightSquared volunteers helped eradicate Reston's greatest scourge, "invasive exotic plants," during a day of service held off Steeplechase Drive. Then Sigle sits on a bench and tells us how we can use the savings on our property taxes from the collapse of the real estate market a tax reduction to support a homeless initiative. We learn that a family needs to earn $19.75 an hour to live in a two-bedroom apartment, which means this "web log" will soon be collocating in a cardboard box connected to a T-1 line. Finally, we meet students from Langston Hughes Middle School's Earth Force club, which monitored the restored Snakeden stream by counting critters (though their powerpoint presentation used the scientific term "varmints.") And with that, another 5 minutes and 19 seconds of our lives have disappeared forever, never to be experienced again. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hey, Restonian, we just bought a new clothes washer. You are certainly welcome to turn the box into your, er, data center.

    BTW, when did they start making a T-1 interface for the TRS-80?


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