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Friday, June 10, 2011

Reston Real Estate: The High-Low Game

Hey gang! It's a slow news day time yet again to play everyone's favorite game of earth-toned real estate wheeling and dealing, the High-Low Game(tm)! Just load up the U-Haul and bring it with you to the open house, because in this game, everyone's a winner!

void(0)-2.jpegAt the high end of the spectrum, this stunner on Waterfront Drive near Lake Newport can be yours for a mere $924,900. It's a lovely home, with an added -- and unpublicized -- perk for the security conscious:


We've always wanted to have a phalanx of protective columns surrounding our conversation pit so we can dive behind them in the event of an ambush. Though we'd need to lose a bit of weight for that to be effective in this case. Much to our surprise, for just a little bit more cash, the Deck House we profiled in our last thrilling installment is also still on the market for a cool $949,500. What's the matter, folks? Is no one rolling double sixes in the High-Low Game (tm) of late?

void(0)-1.jpegOn the other end of the price spectrum, this charmer on Southgate Square can be yours for a mere $164,900. At a price that low, no wonder the place looks a bit shy, peeking out bashfully from behind the fence out front. The asking price is down from the $248,400 the place fetched in 2004, so you can use all that INSTANT EQUITY to fill up this room:

Imagine the possibilities.

Finally, this townhouse in Hickory Cluster is regrettably off the market, but like the movie Spinal Tap, it poses the eternal question: How much more Reston could a place be?




The answer, of course, is none. None more Reston.

Well, that's about all the time we have this week. Until next time, keep your feet on the mohair carpet, and keep reaching for the reflective wallpaper on the ceiling!


  1. Hey, is that the Knuckle Duster's townhouse?

  2. The last one puts the mod in mid-century modern

  3. Just exactly how long are you supposed to set on that Ikea hard wood couch or in that hard plastic chair before you hemorrhoids send you to the hospital?

    At the low end of the spectrum, we had looked at Southgate Square back in 2000. The two story model was going for $88K then. We ultimately decided against because it was (1) too close to Ground Zero and (2) the HVAC units are located on the 2nd floor across the hallway from the bedrooms.

  4. Huh. Do the hidden set of doors in that room in the Southgate townhouse lead to a panic room?

  5. Convict, that is a Charles Eames Rocking Chair, and you won't find that mid-century modern classic couch at College Park (or any other Ikea).

    An no , that is not my house.


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