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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trash Talking in South Reston

And we don't mean the kind emanating from a lakeside cul-de-sac. Our favorite correspondent, the Peasant from Less Sought-After South Reston, explains:

Looks like we got ourselves a David vs. Goliath match in the wonderful world of gar-BAGE, one that would make the trash hauling racket of the Five Families in New York positively green with envy (or at least slightly green in the face from the aroma of decaying refuse in 90+ weather). I believe the attached flyer, which was left by Reston Trash with their customers, says it all.
Now I realize Garbage Wars may not be as exciting as Star Wars (either Lucas' version or Reagan's version), but Reston Trash sounds like it's getting a raw deal from much bigger competitors trying to stamp it out. Reston Trash is a small, family-run operation that provides absolutely great service -- when Hurricane Isabelle hit in autumn 2003, for example, they made numerous extra runs at no extra cost to help their clientele remove storm damage. I don't think they would have survived for 40 years and have such a loyal client base if they weren't doing something right. Reston is fortunate to have a small business like them.
As far as rumors go, you know the old saying: garbage in, garbage out.

Update: Our BFFs at Reston Patch have profiled Reston Trash. Turns out it was American Disposal Trash Services that was telling customers that the company was selling out. There's also lots of rad trash-into-truck photo action if you're into that sort of thing.


  1. Let's try to post the same comment again.

    We have used Reston Trash since Reston had only one traffic light. Hassle free. Reston Trash are the good guys.

    Attacking a small vendor with dirty trick marketing has the same high moral tone as clubbing puppies.

  2. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJune 9, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    Thank you, scubadiver. I obviously feel exactly the same way about Reston Trash.

    Reston Patch ran a very nice profile today of this company and the guys who work there ( Interesting to see how American Disposal Trash Services (ADTS), the company spreading the rumor about Reston Trash selling out, is now in full backpedaling cover-your-ass mode that "it was all a mistake".

    ADTS: The Anthony Weiner of Reston

  3. We have worked with Reston Trash since 1992 and we have always found their service to be excellent in every way. They care about recycling, they always pick up trash right on time, they always leave the area very neat, and they are always immediately responsive any time that we are requesting a special pickup of larger items. We recommend them to our neighbors.

  4. We have enjoyed the excellent service of Reston Trash since 1987. Their trucks are quiet, they drive carefully, and they do not come before 6 a.m., which is a violation of county regulations - qualities lacking in other companies now on the scene. Heavy vehicle traffic on our street has unnecessarily tripled since their arrival.

  5. When we moved to Reston a little over 8 years ago, we started with AAA. The service was so undependable that we quit after a couple of months and signed on with Reston Trash Service (RTS) on the recommendation of neighbors.
    Having just retired from our own service business in Arlington, we knew what it took to serve the public well. John Hasle and his crew have that virtue in spades. They have never let us down. They are responsive, friendly, hardworking, and dependable.
    When each of two new neighbors moved into our 16-household neighborhood we recommended RTS to them immediately, and they signed on.
    For someone to try to undermine RTS' position in the community is disgusting - to say the least.
    Ken & Kathy Fredgren

  6. We've used Reston Trash since 1995 and have NO complaints about them - they are a great company and their integrity and dependability (without any attempts to be fancy or underhanded) keep us loyal.

  7. We have used Reston Trash since 1992. They are outstanding--never late, always clean neat and friendly. When we moved to Reston back in 1992 we chose Reston Trash based on neighbor recommendations. They began picking up our trash.The previous owners had left a rusty old swing set in the backyard. My husband took it apart and left it in a pile next to the garage. A few days later I called Reston Trash on the off chance they could take care of it. The man who answered (the owner) asked me if I was talking about the pile of metal next to my garage. I was astonished that the owner knew my house and my garbage. He later picked up the swing set for a small additional charge. Can't say enough good things about this company.


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