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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Public Art Bingo: We'll Take The 'Sun Boat' to Block

oblong art.jpgWhile out and about on Reston's trails, did you spot out of the corner of your eye a random jumble of concrete blocks, maybe with pointed edges or other whimsical adornments, peeking out from behind the trees? If so, the Reston public art initiative wants to hear from you.

Much like a hunt for a brutalist Sasquatch, IPAR is cataloguing and making sure it knows of all extant examples of public art in Reston. Sounds fun!

This summer, the Initiative for Public Art - Reston (IPAR) is compiling an inventory of all the public art works in Reston in preparation for an exhibition, and to develop a rich resource for the community. This database will serve to educate, and to support appreciation of the array of public art in our area.
As part of this work, they've compiled a list of all known chunks of public art in Reston, present and past. To us, they read like a track list from an unreleased Led Zeppelin album or maybe a collection of Emerson Lake & Palmer B-sides:
At Reston Town Center:
1. Mercury Fountain by Saint Clair Cemin
2. Iris by Daniel Goldstein in Town Square Park
3. Fidelity of Form by Dennis Heimbach in Town Square Park
4. Vascular Form III by Foon Sham at GRACE
5. Sculpture at the end of Market Street and Crescent Park (unidentified)

At Lake Anne Village Center:
6. The Sun Boat by Gonzalo Fonseca
7. The Underpass by Gonzalo Fonseca
8. Pylon by Gonzalo Fonseca
9. The Lookout by James Rossant
10. The Pyramid by James Rossant
11. Plaza Fountain by James Rossant
12. The Pulpit by James Rossant
13. Robert E. Simon (aka Bronze Bob) by Zachary Oxman
14. Decorative pieces by Lakeside Pharmacy (first aid kit, eating utensils, pole by former barber shop etc.)

At pools, libraries and parks:
15. Untitled (granite sculpture) by David Holland at Reston Regional Library
16. September 11th Memorial Dedication by Kathy Walden Kaplan at Freedom Grove at Brown's Chapel
17. Book of Love by Anne Nagy at Reston Regional Library
18. The Swimmer by John Parker at Lake Newport Pool
Schools and Underpasses
19. Lake Anne Elementary Tunnel Mural by Marco Rando and Lake Anne ES students at Fairway Drive pedestrian tunnel
20. Emerge by Valerie Theberge at Glade Dr. Underpass and students from Hunters Woods ES
21. Sculpture at Hunters Woods ES
22. Mural at Hunters Woods ES
23. Moorings Dr. Underpass by Russ

Corporate collections:
24. Group of sculptures at United States Geological Survey Headquarters
25. Group of sculptures Parkridge corporate campus on Parkridge Blvd.
26. Chrome sculpture at 1875 Corporate Commons Dr.

Works no longer on display:
27. Upstart II by Clement Meadmore, 1980s
28. Sleeping Tree at Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), 2008 (RTC)
29. Earthquake, The Way to Be, and Monument to the Sun and Stars by Mike Schaffer in Town Square Park as part of the Juried exhibition gaps at Greater Reston Arts Center
30. Fountain at Reston International Center
31. Sculptures on Reston Parkway Greens (RTC)

Works no longer in existence:
32. Wooden Horse by Gonzalo Fonseca at Lake Anne Village Center

Future public art works:
33. At Hyatt Park, RTC
34. At Reston Station (WMATA)
For parents with kids home from the summer, this list could provide hours minutes of fun, playing public art bingo or "find the oblong object along the path." If you know of other examples of public art, or maybe see a pile of bricks arranged in a vaguely pleasing shape, let the folks from IPAR know.


  1. Under the category of "temporary" or "performance" art, I love when I'm walking on one of the paths and I see evidence that some kids have been using real imagination building forts, etc. out of the fallen branches and logs. THAT is summer art of a kind that adults can't replicate!

  2. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJune 22, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    Say, does performance art count? If so, the list failed to include the bootles of booze deposited on the bottom of Lake Thoreau during the burglary of the South Lakes ABC store that led to the legendary Great Canoe Chase across the lake. This would be a perfect entry by Reston for the next Venice Biennale, with bottles of grappa dropped along the length of the Grand Canal.

  3. You had me at "Led Zeppelin album."


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