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Monday, June 20, 2011

Fairway to Heaven: Redevelopment Proposal To Go to DRB for Review

sideways fairway.jpegIn what our BFFs at Reston 2020 are calling an unpublicized "surprise," the five-time-revised proposal to redevelop Fairway Apartments will go before the DRB tomorrow evening. This, after the RA Board of Directors wrote a letter to Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins asking that a July planning commission meeting on the proposal be deferred until the DRB had a chance to weigh in. The last-minute addition of the proposal to the DRB's plate is likely a sign that the RA didn't get its requested deferral, meaning that this is the DRB's one chance to comment before the project is placed in the hands of the county.

The DRB is being asked to give the JBG proposal "conceptual approval" before it goes to the County Planning Commission. According to people within the DRB, the proposal remains essentially the same as presented to the DRB and Reston P&Z committees earlier this year.
The P&Z committee approved that proposal in April by a 10-1 margin, calling the revisions an "improvement" over past iterations, which included a mauvescraper and whatnot and were roundly recommended for denial by county officials. More recent proposals eliminated the mauvescraper, reduced the number of residential units to 804 and added more green space, but the Reston Citizens Association is still urging county officials to reject it.

Reston 2020 is urging people to speak at tomorrow's DRB meeting, which will be held at 7pm at RA Headquarters. Here's hoping the DRB has more feedback to offer than a warning that any sprinkles on the complex's Texas doughnut should be appropriate earth tones, the end.

Update: RCA President Marion Stillson points out one possible scenario in a fancy "news-paper" article:
Stillson worries, however, that should the DRB continue to oppose the development, JBG could legally challenge the authority of the DRB.

"There are bigger bucks at stake now with Metro set to come through," she said.


  1. Under the Reston deed, any development projects in the PRC (planned residential community) must be approved by the DRB. If JBG manages to force their development proposal through without DRB approval, it will effectively kill the deed. At that point developers will have a free hand in Reston and will be able to put in whatever projects they can get through the county Planning Commission. That will be very bad for Reston as the county wants to urbanize our town, get rid of our older clusters and replace them with high-rise apartment buildings.

  2. Since we don't have a "town" or legal entity which gives us any autonomy, we have a tough road ahead trying to oppose developers. This is where the citizens/residents of the Fairfax County District who live in the affected area (Reston is in Hunter Mill District) should be insisting upon representation of their viewpoint via their elected representative, Cathy Hudgins. Good luck with that. I didn't vote for her. Ever.

  3. All they need to do is get "consulting" from a DRP architect.

  4. I say be gone with all those crappy old clusters, just keep the trees and trails.

  5. It amuses that once upon a time, Cathy Hudgins won her seat because she was the candidate who represented less development. I guess a few years of developer money in her pocket changed her tune. Or maybe Bob Dix just bought a Cathy Hudgins suit.

    The more I read about what the BoS believes is the future of Reston, the sorrier I am that I voted for her. Won't be making that mistake again.

  6. Do you have a choice, 5:10? Is anyone running against The Hudge in the upcoming elections?

    I would consider running against her but I suspect that the developers and the pro-illegals groups would pony up their cash to my opponent. That, and it's probably too late to file a petition for candidacy.

  7. I think independents can register to run for Hudgins' seat until some time in August.

    PLEASE, PLEASE someone run against her. The Republicans wimped out and chose not to run a candidate.

    Anon 4:26: The old clusters are due to be replaced with high-rise apartment buildings.

    And when they take the 40-year-old clusters down, they will have to remove many trees. Reston will lose its character.

  8. 4:26
    Go take down your crappy home/cluster/particleboard mcmansion

  9. My best wishes for an civil, informed, participatory discussion at the DRB meeting resulting in a turn down of the JBG request until it can comply with Reston design guidelines.

    I'm with RCA on this one!


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