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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the YouTubes: We Watch the Reston Association Videos So You Don't Have To

A lovely shot of two ducks in a comically undersized birdbath kicks off this, the fancy June news video from the Reston Association. Host Melissa Knueven lets us know right off the bat that she is still filling in for Andy Sigle, which pretty much resolves any edge-of-our-seats tension left over from the last thrilling episode. For now.

Anyhoo. In this video we learn that the lifespan of a typical bridge on Reston's pathways is 20 years, meaning that a couple get replaced each year, but not to worry, because there's some fancy new "footer" design that means they can do this without deforesting the area around the bridge to bring in heavy construction equipment impacting the environment. We also hear about a new water safety awareness program sponsored by the RA and the RCC, but to us the real highlight is seeing the bitchin' new mowers the RA has bought to help it keep more than 161 acres of grass and highway medians from running rampant with weeds and tall grass. When we heard the new mowers ran on alternative fuel, we thought maybe they were Priuses (Priusi?) equipped with rotating knives, but in reality they run on propane and look like souped-up go-karts, only go-karts that look less like go-karts than actual Priuses/Priusi, the end.


  1. I think that the real innovation has to be the new film format. They are producing shows worthy of the HD tiers of FIOS or ComcastXfinityKableTown. I was watching the bit about the new bridges in 720p, full-screen on my monitor, and I could nearly taste the sawdust as minimal furry animals were impacted. Well shot! I hope that my annual dues went to a bargain HD camera for cinematic greatness with max affordability. You'll forgive me if this Reston high-def world is old news: Of late, I've been adhering to Restonian's guidance that the web log will watch the videos so that I don't have to do so.

  2. I got all excited about alternative fuel maintenance vehicles thinking that the grease from the Fake Downtown restaurants could be the basis for a biofuel, perfuming our walking paths and tunnels with eau de pomme frites. Alas, it's only propane. Some of those tunnels could use an alternative smell.

  3. Reston Association says: We shoot on a Sony mini-HD camera that we've had for several years. Until this year, we had to take everything down to standard definition to meet the requirements for one of our cable outlets.Now, we can output straight to HD, albeit, a bit of loss due to the compression for YouTube.

  4. The smells in the tunnels are about as "green" (or is it yellow) as it gets.

  5. Thanks for doing the research, anon 3:04! If they've had it for several years but have not benefited, then they got soaked on cost, whatever they paid. We're used to paying a bit more here for... er... some tangible or barely perceptible benefit.

    Sincerely yours,
    anon 1:38

    And I like the idea of biofuel exhaust if it comes from that cupcakery in RTC. Remember when they busted a local Krispy Kreme for their sludge output? Can you imagine harnessing that awesome greasy power? No, you can't imagine it. It's simply too awesome.


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