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Friday, June 3, 2011

On the YouTubes: It's Not 'Friday,' But A Video on a Friday

Okay, FINE. Here's Herndon High School junior Zach Katz's YouTube sensation that a bunch of Confidential Restonian Operatives have forwarded, a "rap" about ice cream set in the multiple ice creameries to be found in our fake downtown gritty urban core. The fact that it's a rap just lends itself to that urban "flava," as the kids today don't say, we feel every time we stop by the Apple Store or pick up a salad or cupcake or whatnot.

This is now officially #3 on our list of the best Reston videos of all time, after this one and this one. Though in the true spirit of midscale Reston retail, we've got to admit we like his prank calls to Target.

Maybe one day we'll actually do a full Kasey Kasem-style video countdown of the rest of the best Reston-themed videos. Until then, keep your feet on the shag carpet, and keep reaching for the dated lighting fixtures.

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