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Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Joke: Herndon-Monroe Parking Garage Deck Reopens Today

Hey, good news! The top deck of the Herndon-Monroe parking garage, which has had its share of troubles in recent years and was recently closed due to ice, has reopened. Not bad for a mere 10 days after the last accumulating bit of snow had fallen, right?


  1. Another Hudgins gift -- right down the street from her eyesore, million-dollar, traffic-signal-supporting, Erector-Set abomination.

    You would think that the morons would have installed an ice and snow melting system during the second (or are we now on the third?) renovation of that garage.

  2. It would have been cleared earlier, but the plow operator couldn't see to run the plow because he had been punched in the face by Albert Haynesworth.


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