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Monday, February 28, 2011

Reston Barista Could Be America's Next Top Model (With Your Help)

107558180-21132820.jpegMeet "Sara," a barista at the Starbucks at the ever-gritty and authentically urban Reston Town Center, who is in the running to be a finalist on America's Next Top Model, which is apparently a reality teevee show that does not involve starving on some island or having a serial business failure with a bad toupee as a "boss."

"Sara" isn't the first Restonian to seek fame and fortune this way, but we wish her the best just the same. You can help by voting for "Sara" through the end of the day at this link. She's identified as Gallery 15, Photo 15.


  1. Well, if she does not make it, there is only one person to blame:


  2. The link is bad. It goes to gallery 17