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Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Pfun: City of Mauve

Please to be enjoying this exciting "wall photo" of Bob Simon and other Reston Association leaders surrounded by a group of Brazilian homebuilders posted by our Facebook BFFs at the RA. Seems that they're from Alphaville Urbanismo SA, the largest single-family residential developer in Brazil, which came to Reston to look at our beige paradise as they prepare their "implementation of a large scale mixed-use community development near the Brazilian capital of Brasilia" -- which is, itself, an awesome planned city chock full of modernist architecture plopped into the middle of a pristine jungle, that just happens to be shaped like a bird. SRSLY, the entire city is bird-shaped, and we know this because we did a book report on Brasilia and urban design in 3rd grade, which probably explains why many years later we find it "fun" to blog about master plans and fanciful concrete bollards and whatnot, the end.


  1. Birds of a feather --- Brutalists flocking to Brutalists.

    And, of course, you have your make-believe $200,000 a year RA "CEO" right there in the middle -- self-serving as ever.

    PS -- nice Brutalist carpet the RA got for itself!

  2. I wonder if the Brazilians were shown our own Targetville. It would look like paradise compared to what they allow the poor in their own country to continue to live in. People live in/on the garbage dumps. Entire generations are born, live, and die there, never having a chance for education, good health, or anything like that. But Brazil is touted as the "new" eco-power in the West.

    We created the homeless problem in this country when we closed the mental health facilities years ago and gave people the "option" of living outside the care environment. But at least we don't call garbage dumps "towns" and require people to live that way because it's their lot in life.


    Looks a lot nicer than Targetville.


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