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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairway to Heaven: JBG Delays New and Improved Redevelopment Proposal Until April

Byebyemauvescraper.jpgJBG has postponed the planned presentation of its (slightly) scaled down proposal to redevelop Fairway Apartments until April. That's when Reston's P&Z committee will get a gander at the lower and slightly smaller proposal, which has been scaled down from 900 to 810 units, with no building more than five stories tall. Hopefully they'll use the extra time to come up with lots more drawrings like this:

Screen shot 2010-07-16 at 1.05.56 PM.jpg


  1. JBG is planting Delicious Trees at Fairway?

    Calling the ghost of Euell Gibbons...

  2. It would be nice if JBG proposed something at least as nice as what is currently built at Fairway. Texas donuts (apartments wrapped around multi-story parking garages) are future slums.

  3. The shame is the loss of decent semi-affordable housing. Fairway has 3 bedroom apartments- a 12 month lease on one is $1500/mo.

    Many people having come to Reston, first lived in fairway apts until they could find a more permanent single family home or townhome.

    How affordable will the new units be?

    This development should be opposed. JGB should simply renovate the existing apartment buildings and maintain them. This tear-down to build up smaller units costing more $ is obscene.

  4. FWIW, the JBG proposal presented to the DRB basically tipped that large tower on its side creating a 500' building wall facing the golf course. It also:
    --created two rows of 4-story townhouses along the road-side periphery to mask the massive building
    --added lots of impermeable surface parking (aka: asphalt)
    --cut down oodles (that's a technical term) of trees (& don't they always?)
    --oh, yes, created a small playground park in the middle surrounded by asphalt & buildings.

    One DRB member characterized it as similar, but worse than JBG's original proposal. wonder they didn't go to the P&Z com.


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