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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Call Us Mauveleaks: The RA's IRS 990 Form


A Confidential Restonian Operative forwarded us this highly secret financial document from the Reston Association. Oh, wait -- it's just the RA's annual disclosure form to the IRS, which is actually public information available to anyone with one of those fancy "web browsers" we keep hearing about. But posting "secret" documents for the world to see seems to be the hip, "Web 2.5" thing to do these days, so here you go!

Seriously, the Confidential Reston Operative passed this along because the form used to be posted on the RA's own site, but apparently isn't anymore. Our background in tax law is restricted to Estonian property transfers, so we're not qualified to say much about any of the fancy numbers in this document. To the casual observer, the only interesting things are how much Reston CEO Milton Matthews and other top staffers make, which is almost as much as we get when someone clicks the banner ad for law enforcement academies at the top of this page, the end.

Update: Turns out the real Wikileaks secret code to release a torrent of confidential information is "Reston5." COINCIDENCE?


  1. Wow. WikiLeaks comes to Reston. and Restonian is our own Julian Assange.

  2. Is Milty milking the cow again with total compensation over $180K?

    What kind of IT small business is the RA? Oh I forgot, this is just real estate, but one who has a $180K+ gravy train growing won't be switching jobs anytime soon knowing he may not make half the amount somewhere else...


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