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Thursday, August 5, 2010

With Ukulele Festival Over, Things Looking Up at Lake Anne

arch campbell.jpgWhat a difference a few months has made at Lake Anne Plaza! It seems like just yesterday that Bob Simon's metallic golem had been tagged by graffiti artists, and now it's become a place where ukulele players roam, free Wi-Fi is available to all, and new businesses are opening. Even TV's Arch Campbell has noticed, giving a plug to the aforementioned ukulele festival (we immediately muted the TV when we saw the aforementioned ukulele, so we're not quite sure what Arch had to say).

After the plaza's biggest restaurant space had sat vacant for more than a year and a half, Kalypso's Sports Tavern opened last month. It seems to be bustling, with frequent live music in the evenings. They even have a Facebook page, the sign of fine dining everywhere.

Another new business called WeSpace offers "co-working office space" with a focus on creativity and collaboration, for those of us who want to pretend we have "jobs" with "co-workers." WeSpace is holding an open house on Saturday if you're curious.

All in all, this is great news for a space that deserves it. Just no more ukuleles, plz? Thx.


  1. weSpace sounds great. Can I also rent an annoying co-worker who burns popcorn in the microwave, leaves the empty coffee pot on the hot plate, constantly asks innane questions and smacks their lips all day long?

  2. Oh, yeah. On those days when I get to work away from the office, I use a place like weSpace. Except instead of a measly window, I've got a sliding glass door. And my workstation station is a dining room table. The dress code is strictly boxer shorts and a t-shirt. A bathrobe is optional for the really cold mornings. Yeah, and there are no Annoying Co-Workers, unless the kids qualify as ACWs. The trek to the company cafeteria is really short also. And the commute, well, what commute?

    Come to think of it, it's really not at all like weSpace. Nevermind.

  3. Convict - I think that's iSpace.

  4. One important question. Does WeSpace provide a WeeWeeSpace?

  5. Kalypso's Sports Tavern is bustling in August, yaay.

    Too bad their business is going to suck from December through March, like every other restaurant that's every been there. Restonians are such weaklings, not wanting to sit outside when it's freezing...

  6. Anon 7:29

    Too bad their food and service sucks NOW.

  7. Anon 10:12

    I sadly have to agree. Kalypso-so's will come and go like the dodo.

    Service 1/5
    Food 2/5
    Price (for what you get) 1/5

    I spoke to the manager and politely told him that they really need to try harder to succeed.

    Lasagna that took 45 minutes with a cold center is not a way to keep customers.

    Stick to Jasmine, Monmartre, Roti Grill, and the Sushi joint.

  8. Didn't think the food was that bad, but the service does leave a lot to be desired. Waited 45 minutes for the check the other night... not good. Hopefully they'll work the bugs out quickly before business suffers.

  9. Anon 7:49

    The quality of the food is really unpredictable, one time it's ok and the next it's not good at all. The service seems to be predictably bad. To my mind, they have been open long enought to have already "worked the bugs out". Maybe "bugs" is an unfortunate choice of words here -- but that's another story.


    I don't know that I would go more than 2/5 for the Jasmine lately.


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