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Friday, August 13, 2010

Reston Patch Launches, With Actual News and Whatnot

aol-cd-rom-8-0.jpgAOL's Patch local news service officially launched its Reston site last night. It's the first of what will eventually become a network of local sites in Virginia. Karen Goff, a snarky blogger in her own right, is Reston Patch's editor, and Christopher Moore, former publisher of the late lamented Observer, is overseeing the site and others, including one slated to launch in Herndon.

Despite the potential threat to our tens of dollars of lucrative "Who's Your Baby's Daddy" and law enforcement academy advertising, we're excited to see Patch here. Given the dubious life expectancy of newspapers that cover Reston (or pretty much anything else, at this point), anything that supports "experienced journalists" that can shed light on what's going on, and possibly even attend the occasional RA meeting, is a good thing. Otherwise, lazy industrious "web loggers" like ourselves might actually have to put on hard shoes and leave the house from time to time to find out what's going on.

Plus, Patch has business listings, which allowed us to check in with our favorite eatery.


You had us at "Bread."

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  1. This is amazing -- I actually heard about this LAST NIGHT at a school meeting. It is so nice to be on time rather than 6 months late for a change.


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