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Thursday, July 1, 2010

This and That: A Random Cycle Through Reston News


  • Wow, the lines for the new "i-Phone" moved even faster than we thought! Actually, this is a picture of last weekend's Reston Grand Prix, though it sounds like there were no spectacular, NASCAR-like dust-ups this year.

  • Reston should really use this next story in its advertising: Turns out a teenage girl who ran away from her home in Sterling this week did so because she missed Reston. Having logged some time in Sterling, we sympathize. (The girl was found and returned home unharmed.)

  • All hail Carol Ann Bradley and Patrick Kane, who were recently named Lord and Lady Fairfax 2010 for the Hunter Mill District. We're not exactly sure what that means, but we assume they have free reign to lop the heads off any disrespectful serfs homeowners.

  • In case you forgot we live in Virginia, a new law allows people with concealed handgun permits to bring them into restaurants that serve alcohol. This is not to be confused with the old law, which permitted people to bring guns into restaurants that serve alcohol so long as they were visible. Totally different crackpot law!
    Collectively, several hundred gun owners are expected to assemble at seven celebrations, including eateries in Charlottesville, Norfolk, Woodbridge, Reston, Vinton and Yorktown.
    We're pretty sure we know which restaurant they'll be going to in Reston. Get ready for loaded guns and potato skins!

  • The not-stairs sculpture we recently tried to name has moved outside as part of "Gaps," a partnership between the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), Initiative for Public Art-Reston (IPAR), and The Washington Sculptors Group (WSG). And the critics are raving!
    Lucile Mellema from Falls Church said the exhibit and several pieces intrigued her in particular. “I walked around that piece maybe five times and I still don’t get it,” she said, pointing to “Metamorphosis.”
    She did say it was beautiful, though.

  • Reston resident Peter Raymond has been named one of Consulting Magazine's top 25 consultants. Consultants? Living in Reston? Knock us over with an earth-toned feather!

  • Reston's non-profit Hub Theatre has found a permanent home at the New School of Northern Virginia. And South Lakes High School's drama department won five Cappies Awards for its production of "Les Miserables," which is French and has lots of singing.

  • Connector bus fares went up on Monday.

  • Reston advertising firm Resonate Networks raised $5 million in funding for its "attitudinal targeting," which is just a fancy way of saying why visitors to this "web log" see ads for law enforcement academies and DNA firms promising to find out "Who's Your Baby's Daddy?" Also, NCI Information Systems of Reston won a $12.8 million contract from the Army to, we don't know, maybe strap missiles to dolphins or something. And Accenture's Reston office won a contract with the Internal Revenue Service to, we don't know, strap tax returns to dolphins or something.

  • Fun (if morbid) fact: Before passing away at the University of Virginia Hospital in June, Manute Bol was at Reston Hospital Center.

  • Finally, "Mrs. Reston," Sheri Jenkins, was named second-runner up in the Mrs. Virginia United States pageant on June 5. Who knew we had a Mrs. Reston? Someone ought to introduce her to Lord and Lady Fairfax.


    1. Hey, Fairfax County. We want to ENCOURAGE people to use the bus. Hiking the fares will only DISCOURAGE them. Or did you folks on the Fare Commission not take Econ 101?

    2. A Very Special Episode of "Reston Heights"July 1, 2010 at 3:13 PM

      That article on Lord and Lady Fairfax had just about everything except WHO selects people for this prestigious peerage, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY they might do such a thing?

      Well, I guess journalism doesn't need such things, but out of curiosity, does anyone else know?

    3. Heights

      Hudgins picks'em. She may have a committee advise her.

    4. When was there a Mrs. Reston contest? What are the odds that the same name shows up as a contestant in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia competitions in the same year?

    5. Listen, Pat Kaine, named Lord Fairfax, is an old-timer of Reston. He has lived here for ages, contributed a lot in the old days, and can be seen often at Lake Anne walking with his cane and eye patch. He definitely deserves the title "Lord Fairfax", albiet if only for a year.

      Carol Bradley is a lovely lady who lives in Hunters Woods and was once principal of Terraset School and in charge of things over at Stonegate Resource Center. She can be seen now as Chair of the Board of Governors of RCC, and volunteerting at everything she is asked to do. She deserves the title.

      As for the head of this blog, I would love for him to research a little bit more. "In the old days" was a lot of work. We had to fight for our schools being built in bond referendums, for the extra lanes of the Dulles Toll Road, etc. People did not casually go out to a meeting. They had to go to a meeting every night.

      Cathy Hudgins was one of them. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer was the word then.

    6. And, my lad or lassie, why did you not cover the latest of the WMATA squabbles which entail getting the Metro to Reston, opening up a more direct, environmentally favorable, transportation link from Reston to DC? Pourquoi, not a mention of Cathy Hudgins telling the Gov he was breaking the law but not sending funding. And he apparently, has sent the money. Or is sending. Not a mention from you. I thought it was great on her part.


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