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Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Another Thursday Night in Reston: An Eyewitness Account

A Restonian Secret Operative shares this account of some hijinks that occurred in South Reston last night:

Riding home from a night-ride tonight we encountered ten or twelve folks wandering along South Lakes near Ridge Heights (including one rather interesting dude roaming topless through the grass by Lake Thoreau, and a counterpart wearing a trenchcoat and carrying a flashlight). Arriving at Ridge Heights we found a crowd gathering around a small car that had gone right off the road and into the brush. No reported casualties; bystanders said there'd been two people in the car, and everyone was okay..."airbags." On the curb, a man sat with his head in his hands. We heard sirens in the far distance (probably tending to more important crimes in North Reston, where someone undoubtedly was casing a respectable brick fronted Lake Newport home looking for the loose iPads) but it took a good ten to fifteen minutes before they arrived on scene, though clearly this adventure had been going on for some time. (A call to emergency services said they had vehicles en route to "South Lakes and Twin Branches", which makes us wonder if all the fun started further up the road [which explains the wandering hordes], or if the parties in question did not know, for some reason, exactly where they were. Hmmm. Why would that be?)

Anyway, a car in a ditch is always news, right? Especially when it coincides with street roaming night people in South Reston.
Sigh. Thursday nights just haven't been the same since Cheers went off the air. Anyone know what happened? Document the atrocities in the comments.


  1. If it's any consequence... at about 10pm the police had completely blocked off Reston Parkway heading north between glade and south lakes. Nothing stood out that I thought called for it...

  2. I gotta get out more. Netflix is ruining my opportunity to enjoy all this nightlife in Reston.

  3. Actually a man was hit by a car at Reston Parkway and Glade around 9pm on Thursday.

  4. Only a few miles from this incident, another unfortunate soul seemed to have run their car smack into the stop sign at Glade and Soapstone over the weekend...their bumper is still wedged in the fallen sign...

  5. It was a drunk driver who was speeding and couldn't negotiate the turn from South Lakes Drive onto Ridge Heights Road. Driver destroyed the guard rail while plunging down a small embankment and damaged trees in the process, too. Driver apparently took down the Stop Sign which is back up. Street sign apparently had to be removed to get the car out. Street sign has since been stolen.


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