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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RA Headquarters: New Location, Sassy New Attitude

Please to be enjoying these first pictures of the Reston Association's shiny new headquarters, located at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, which opened its doors bright and early at 8:30 this morning. Hey, what are those colorful, decidedly non earth-toned objects on the bookshelves in the background? We can only conclude that along with a new mailing address, this RA has a sassy new attitude! Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to paint the dingy exterior walls of Restonian World Headquarters a nice fuchsia.

Wow, you close for a few days to move, and check out the pent-up demand for pool passes!

All in all, this is just a painfully tantalizing glimpse of the wonders at the new RA headquarters. Hopefully the RA will post more in its next "Face Book" update.


  1. Meanwhile the Reston Community Center with even more of our money to spend then the RA (!!!) has commissioned a very beautiful tile work on a pathway tunnel entrance that would make a spray painting graffitist envy. To see it click on my photo, go to my website and scroll down to the first photo. It's very near where the poison ivy is taking over the sidewalks on Glade. (Will be at Farmers Market at Sunrise Valley and Reston Parkway this afternoon where produce is at it's peak)

  2. Google just dosen't seem to be uploading inmmages check back later

  3. The new HQ is an ode to another white elephant from RA!


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