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Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking: Reston Town Center Joins NASCAR Circuit

RTC to become Nascar races.jpeg

This fancy "stock car" was spotted in RTC as part of the FedEx office grand opening. But we think there's more happening than meets the eye here. Impressed by the intensity of previous races at Reston's Fake Downtown, NASCAR has apparently decided to create its first "short track" targeted at upscale audiences right here in Reston! Sure you might enjoy rubbing shoulders with the crowds at Richmond, Dover, or even Martinsville, but can you go to a Uno's, Gap or Apple Store in one of their infields? We think not.


  1. The endless sea of RVs and jacked-up pickup trucks you see in the parking lots at race day will definitely NOT pass RA muster.

  2. Ha. That car only has four wheels. In roller derby, each player has eight wheels. That means that an Derby Girl is twice as bad as Dale Earnhardt or even Danika Patrick.


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