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Friday, May 14, 2010

Reston Public Art Initiative Plans First Project: A Pedestrian Underpass

Hey, remember that time there was this awesome public art initiative that was going to bring bizarre concrete structures and other earth-toned "art" to all corners of Reston? Yeah, that was awesome. Well, the initiative is finally getting rolling, and their first project will be to "tag" a pedestrian underpass, much like other groups have done in the past.

In its first-ever project, the Initiative for Public Art-Reston (IPAR) is partnering with Hunters Woods Elementary School, the Reston Association and the Reston Community Center to create a permanent public artwork for the Reston community. A professional artist will work closely with students to design and create the artwork, which will be installed on two or four of the faces of the pedestrian underpass beneath Glade Drive, near their school.

Specifications for the Glade Underpass public artwork include that it be “a contemporary artwork in a permanent medium.” Some of Reston’s 26 existing underpasses already serve as sites for Reston’s most familiar public art, beginning with the murals of Gonzalo Fonseca under North Shore Drive, created as part of the development of the Lake Anne Village Center. Through the current project, IPAR aims at reviving and expanding Reston’s rich tradition of public art.

The artist selected to work with the students will receive a total grant of $28,000 to support the fabrication and installation of the artwork. According to IPAR’s public art manager, Anne Delaney, “professional artistic input and support will be generated competitively from among those responding to a “call for professional artists,” which has been posted on the IPAR website ( and issued through other local media outlets. The application deadline is April 7, 2010.
Oops. Guess that deadline's already passed. Thanks, local media!

Anyway, whatever the kids wind up doing, it'll certainly beat this other recent proposal for "public art:"
Screen shot 2010-05-11 at 10.06.12 AM.jpg


  1. Lake Anne students used about $1,000 to paint an incredible mural inside the underpass near to school . .. only to have it defaced by graffiti . .. this group is installing something hopefully not to the same fate for $28K?

  2. Anyone want to start on pool on how long it takes for the IPAR tagging becomes its own display medium for Phatboy tagging?

  3. We can save money on the green-tinted walkway art if we set up a nearby pond for the Canadian Geese. We would also satisfy the requirement for open space.

  4. Use something like kiln fired tile, so that graffiti can be washed off easily.


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