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Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the YouTubes: We Watch the RA Videos So You Don't Have To

It's spring! And after a conspicuous absence of a few months, Andy Sigle is back, soothing dulcet tones and all, talking about stuff that happened back in 2009. Apparently nothing of consequence involving the Reston Association has happened over the past few months, so let's put on our Black Eyed Peas CD and go back to the innocent era of 2009. Nothing to see here!

Anyway, Sigle is all what the kids call "swagga," what with his walkin' in front of the fancy new RA headquarters building and stone cold talkin' about its bitchin' new "telecommunications system," which will provide "increased bandwidth" for "RA's Web-based programs" (though apparently not this one). Apparently 95 percent of the furniture from RA's headquarters will be used in the new building (the other 5 percent must be all those fancy new filing cabinets). No mention of the child labor cubbies, though.

There's some other stuff on this "video," including the opening of the Nature House and the stream restoration project, both of which happened in 2009 as well, the end.


  1. The disingenuous BS from Rolband & his flunky is really nauseating. Barf!

    After all hell was raise at Snake Den, WSSI reduced the amount of clearing proposed for the Glade and used less intrusive methods and smaller machinery. The closed canopy stream vally was preserved for most of the Glade.

    But the problem wasn't Rolband's reckless methods. Oh no, it was misinformation and misunderstanding on the part of the objecting RA members. What a sack!

    Snake Den is still a full sun light deer nursery and not nearly enough replacement trees have been planted.

    Rolband must really think we're all stupid. And this spinmeister got a Best of Reston? Please.

  2. The in-crowd and powers-that-be love to give each other awards.


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